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Whether you’re an old friend seeking to reconnect, a community member looking for a volunteer or an employer hunting for new talent, welcome to the place where you can find out about who I am, my interests and what drives me.
From causing ripples to making waves, it’s all about disruption…

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<h3>The Next Big Secret</h3><h5> January 2019</h4>

The Next Big Secret

January 2019

Following an intensive active search for alternative employment, something great is opening up – an opportunity to apply my experience and knowledge in the construction industry. This new venture is firing neurons and raising my pulse. It’s challenging my mind, channelling my energy and releasing my creativity!
What more could I want?

If you’re in the construction industry, particularly in high-rise or residential development, we need to connect. There’s something big coming!
Visit the MyDek website to find out more.

I look forward to discussing business with you.

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For me, the creative environment isn’t just about the working day. Creativity appears in may forms, whether it be in art, in motion or in thought.
Many of my happiest hours have been spent buried in web-building, finding theoretical solutions and creating things – outside of work. I love to combine things that don’t belong together, or view things from a different angle – like making the photo more real than the actuality.
To discover the things that drive me (and a couple that I drove) read My Story.

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I believe collaboration can bring exciting new opportunities.

Actively looking for new challenges, I’m always interested to hear from both young entrepreneurs and seasoned company directors about their opportunities and challenges. Feel free to get in touch, or find out more about where I’ve been all these years…

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Check out what I’ve done in 20 years of design, construction, diagnosis, development and creativity.

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An impossible conundrum.

A complex scenario.

An assessment.


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