twisty road

The road has been long and winding, and it’s traversed many varied scenes. The lessons along the way, the experiences I’ve passed through and the people that I’ve met have added vivid colours to the rich tapestry of life.

A big Thankyou to all the contributors that have made this site what it is, unwittingly or otherwise.


Stories and text are due in part to the contributions from family and friends, near and far, strange, unusual and obscure.

Thankyou to my brothers, Ian and Ray, for the support, arguments, laughs, fights, understanding and comradeship that I believe all true brothers should experience.
Thanks to all my former colleagues, particularly George Price and Rhys Hibbert for valued support and encouragement. Robin Faulker, Kevin Goodenough, Simon Harvey and Shaun Reed – you have inspired me.
To my previous employers Charlie Kingston, Father, Dave Davis and Wallace Graham – thanks for giving me experiences that I wouldn’t have otherwise got.
To Lorraine, thanks for being the brilliant Wife, Mother, Homemaker, Cook, Chauffeur, Teacher, Interior Designer, and Coach that you are.


Stock photography has primarily come from, a fantastic library of free, do-whatever-you-want images. A few have come from other photo libraries. Case study and real experience photos are my own.

Icons provided by Freepik.