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I am a Curious Creative, a husband and father-of-three. I believe in striving towards the impossible. Tackling something new. Introducing surprises. Having both indoor and outdoor interests, I appreciate being in company and like to challenge myself with problem solving puzzles. I am not satisfied with the status quo, and will often be wanting to change or update something, get out or go away, or just do something that I’ve never done before. It’s the “inner innovator”!


My personality matches the ‘Campaigner‘ profile from the 16-Personalities character test, which you can read about on the website here – a very insightful description which details the typical strengths and weaknesses, aspirations and habits of this personality type. If you haven’t met this before, it’s very interesting to try it out – you might be quite surprised how spookily accurate it is!

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outdoor barbecue of the innovatorOutdoors, I enjoy hiking, climbing and off-road driving just as much as relaxing on a barge with the family and a chilled beer.
Socially, I like to spend summer evenings with friends and a barbecue at home or out.
I also enjoy interior design and renovation, and have undertaken projects at my own property, commercially and also for friends and family.

I am always interested in developments in technology such as home automation and smart devices and I have built websites ranging from static and html-based to responsive WordPress styles.
Travel is a life dream, and I will use any excuse to justify a trip away, especially if it takes me to experience new cultures and customs.

I have a wife and two children and we enjoy a lot of time together – I like to challenge young minds, teach them new concepts and give them new experiences.

In the community, I like to work with those who are underprivileged, and give them another chance in life. I have a range of business experiences, largely based around the construction industry. I have filled roles in Operations, Sales, Marketing and Development for four different employers, and over several silos and differing enterprise types.

Early Years           Education

Employment Summary

Market-savvy and customer-focused, I am dedicated to driving customer satisfaction and product visibility through targeted online and offline marketing strategies, customer-centred product design and lean systems implementation. As a natural innovator and the creator of a range of products for the hygienic construction industry including the Trovex Hygipod one-piece handwash station, finding creative solutions ignites my fire, as do design-and-build projects such as the Healthcare Estates Exhibition Stand project.


As a multi-faceted innovator with a creative and adaptable style, experienced in brand strategy and who cultivates a highly productive company culture, I have first-hand experience with construction projects, product manufacturing and visual merchandise. As a technically-able product expert with 20 years’ experience in interiors (from industrial and commercial to retail and residential) I am able to fill technical sales, marketing or product development roles.

Having experience of many typical business issues stemming from lack of communication, short lead times, poor product fit and information transfer, I appreciate the requirement for developing and maintaining business systems. For example, the Excel-based purchase order system that I developed was utilised for ten years (with frequent updates) and saved the company hundreds of hours that had been wasted in tracking who purchased what and why. I believe it’s still in use today.

 Employment History






Face to face client interaction

Outbound cold calls to new clients

Understanding of customer needs

Product and project type sales proposal creation

Familiar with Pipedrive and GoldVision CRM systems

Responsible for Sales pipeline



Enthusiastic about networking


Lead Generation

Internet marketing

Digital media

Campaign development

Web development, build & management

Packaging design

Design and sourcing of printed media

Photo editing and graphic design

Google AdWords account management

Social media






Knowledgeable in construction safety

Subcontractor management

First Aid, CPR & Defib Trained

Design experience

Project scheduling

Building M&E systems and services design and installation



Liaison with external consultants


Alarm testing

Escape plan and Drill rehearsals


Product Innovation

Finding solutions

Product design and development

Product testing

Production line development

Lean systems implementation